26 January 2015
Glance Media
iOS & Android

The first selfie game worldwide

The guys from Glance Media were shooting a new national movie hit called “Homies”. And from this movie came the idea to create a completely new and crazy game. This is Apppic. We dare you to go on an "epic" selfie adventure with this game. Because taking a selfie pic is never going to be the same. Create hilarious photo challenges, dare your friends and climb the ranks to become a real Apppic master. Take a selfie with a cow, a bear, the moon, or anything you can imagine to challenge for more fame and glory. Play the game, with friends for free wherever you are.

Game Features

  • Create insane selfie challenges with friends.
  • Play against random opponents to gain more points.
  • Share the craziest, sexiest or most insane challenge selfies on Facebook!
  • Climb the ranks by playing harder selfie challenges as you get better :)
  • Or make your friends lose some by cranking up the difficulty (Ha!)
  • Login with Facebook to easily invite your friends.
  • Push notifications, know when it's your turn to dare or be dared.

Check out the movie

Apppic is the official game from the movie Homies!
Check out the movie:

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