The Daily Breast Quest
01 December 2010

About this project

Playboy Netherlands has an online free member area on called Playboy Insider. Through Playboy Insider people get access to tons of photo's, video's, games and other exclusive content. Together with mediaBunker Playboy thought of bringing a part of the Insider fun to mobile and make it both amusing for the user as well as a marketing tool for Playboy. The result is a popular game that was already available through the website, The Daily Breast Quest. With the Daily Breast Quest app for Android it is possible to look at a new breast photo every day and vote: fake or real.

Immediately after the first vote, the user can check his ranking against all other players and compete to become Playboy's ultimate breast connaisseur. Besides that it is also possible to rotate the device and swipe through the last 10 photo's fullscreen. When a user signs up to enter the game, he also immediately becomes a Playboy Insider with full access to the website. Current members can directly join the fun on their mobile device and sign in with their existing account.