Wherever you are, find the best hotels nearby.
11 July 2012

About this project

Easytobook is a passionate organization, which is all about traveling. On their website you can browse or search for hotels, then filter and compare and even rope your friends into helping you decide. The website also tries to make your job easier by including extra travel information, such as city-focused blogposts, events listings and detailed maps.

In cooperation with mediaBunker, Easytobook.com is brought to your mobile device. By means of a mobile web app, completely programmed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Search for the city you want to visit. Preview all the nearby hotels, or use the different filters to find which one suits your holiday best. The mobile web app contains complete overviews of specific cities which are, like the rest of the app, completely interactive. Have you read the reviews and found what your looking for? Than book the room right away, in just three steps.

The subtle design of this mobile web app, makes the navigation very intuitively and easy to use. With the style and possibilities which completely match the Easytobook.com website, mediaBunker made a long term partner, by building this super interactive mobile web app.

The goals

  • Increase customer brand experience by providing an extra service
  • Increase the brand relation by getting more intimate with the customer