Emerce Events

A guide trough your Emerce Events
4 May 2012

About this project

Emerce is a (online)magazine about business, marketing and technologies. Which frequently organizes online business related events, like the Mobile Convention in Amsterdam (MCA). To make events, like the MCA, even more accessible for it's visitors, Emerce offers an app which conducts as a guide through their events. This intuitive app is created by mediaBunker, to help Emerce give their visitors an even bigger experience.

The app contains an event program overview, which is completely interactive. In this overview you can select a seminar, see it's details and even add it to your personal program agenda. Consult this agenda, during the day, to see which seminar is next. Can't seem to find where the next seminar takes place? Just use the map to look it up, or to find other points of interest.

Every time a new event is being organized by Emerce, the event will be accessible in the app. Visitors of an Emerce event will always be able to access their Emerce Events App. This way they will be provided with all the last minute information they need on any Emerce event they are visiting.

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