18 November 2013
FNV Bouw
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FNV Bouw

FNV Bouw is the largest union for those who work in the construction, property, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical contracting business.

The main challenge for FNV Bouw today, is to recruit new members. In particular young workers that are just starting out. They see FNV Bouw as an old conservative initiative and have very few knowledge of what it can mean for them.

Keeping people out of the cold

As a solution mediaBunker came up with a concept of creating a mobile app for Android and iPhone, that gives people quick information, but is also really useful and fun to have. We needed a way to drive downloads, but also a way get people talking about it. That is why we created a weather-check feature to see if it is cold enough outside to be legally able to stop working.

When the actual feel (windchill) temperature falls below -6 °C, construction workers are legally bound to stop all work on outdoor construction sites. The FNV Bouw app will continuously monitor the temperature through a web service API and send a push notification to the worker when it falls below -6 °C. The app soon got loved by construction workers throughout the winter. It created a large buzz on social media and the app even made it to several major national TV news shows. (Editie NL)

Introducing: Beste Bouwer

After the first success we decided to take the FNV Bouw app to the next level. To not just create a buzz, but to create retention, teach people about their rights & obligations, and create more insight in construction sites across the country. We did this through gamification and called it "Beste Bouwer" which translates to "The Best Builder". Through playing the game, a user can eventually become the best builder at the end of the month and earn an incentive prize, such as driving go-karts or go paint balling with friends.

“Progress can be tracked through
beautifully designed graphical bars.”

Users can sign up with Facebook or create a separate FNV Bouw account. After logging in, you get 3 challenges per day. 1) Check-in for work, 2) take the best photo's of your work and 3) test your work knowledge through a Quiz. Enough effort in each of the 3 challenges eventually leads to earning badges, which give users extra bonus points. Progress can be tracked through beautifully designed graphical bars and charts that also show how far away a user is from getting that extra badge.

To keep scoreboards as competitive as possible, users are able to view high-scores nation-wide but also per province. This enables people to not just go for the prize, but also compete locally against friends..

Valuable location information

Another challenge of FNV Bouw, is to locate every construction sites in the country. This currently goes through indexing of legal construction applications. The downside of that is, that it will only show a small amount of larger construction sites. That's why we included the location element in the "Beste Bouwer" game. Through check-ins and photo uploads we can store anonymous geolocation information in the backend and show it on a map, using the Google Maps API.

This gives us an indication on where the construction sites are, but it is not good enough. We need information to be reliable, so we count the amount of check-ins, photo's and quiz questions answered at a location with a certain radius. This gives construction sites a reliability score on which FNV Bouw can trust. Because of this solution, insight in construction sites has greatly increased.


The general feeling of the new user interface had to be light weight and easy to use because the majority of the content are textual collective agreements and news bulletins. Since the 'Beste Bouwer' feature is a serious-gaming platform, we decided to give the icons a different art direction. We threw away the old icons and created an entirely new icon set.

We immediately knew the icons needed to be playful and have vibrant colours. But most importantly, the icons needed to be easy to understand. The user would immediately understand what the icon represents and what kind of information could be found by tapping the icon. The idea behind it is to trigger the user to explore the new feature even more and perhaps this way, we can change the mind of the starting builders and convince them FNV Bouw is not old and conservative.

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