Haarlemse Stroming

Haarlem's information source for the creative sector
1 July 2012
Haarlemse Stroming

About this project

The Haarlemse stroming is a central information source for entrepreneurs in the creative sector of Haarlem. It is an innovation of the city of Haarlem in cooperation with several local companies. This initiative has taken place from 1 juli 2009 to 1 juli 2012 on the occasion of a project called 'Nieuwe Energie'.

The Haarlemse Stroming is a real cross platform service, which is supported by an iPad app. Of course this app has been created by mediaBunker, since our roots lie in Haarlem. The goal for the app is to offer extra information, that support the project and to promote other creative Haarlem made initiatives.

Next to mediaBunker this project has been a collaboration by the university Inholland, Syntens and iMMovator. And was supported by the RABObank Haarlem, housing- corporation Ymere, the Chamber of Commerce and the innovation-platform Nieuw Haarlem.

The app offers a newsblog, several articles, event reports and a link with several social media platforms. Of course the app is also completely sinked and linked to the Haarlemse stroming website.

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