Always have a place to eat
17 December 2012
Mobile web, iOS, Android

The case is the best and biggest restaurant site in the BeNeLux area. People love to go out for dinner, and love to get value for their money. Especially the Dutch. On people can find a restaurant that suits their cravings for the night using several options including kitchen style, location, time and review scores.

For we developed a high-end mobile site using the latest mediaBunker frameworks including technology like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and more. Navigation is similar to our known e-commerce solutions, but specifically tuned to the needs of restaurant enthusiasts. For iPhone and Android phones we build an intuitive native-hybrid app solution. This cut down cost because of reusing the HTML5 code, but we made sure the customer still gets a really fast native experience.

4 easy steps

Easy acces on every device

The solution

For we developed a high-end mobile site

The great thing about having on your mobile phone, is that you can search restaurants within your current GPS location. Within just a minute customers get an overview of the top restaurants around them and even an option to reserve a table immediately.

We had to develop the mobile application in (very) close teamwork with, getting the backend and API optimized for mobile and making sure we could deliver a great user experience. We are proud of the result and customers share the enthusiasm by providing a lot of positive feedback.

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