Discover the IJdijken history
23 October 2012
Sparked, in cooperation with United

About this project

A long time ago the dikes called IJdijken started to protect Amsterdam and her hinterland against the water. Storms and floods have targeted the dikes since they were hand-build in the 13th century. And still they are protecting the land ánd citizens of Amsterdam!

In a 40 kilometer long route you now can explore the stories behind the IJdijken. On the tangible elements of the dikes you will find Quick Response (QR) codes. By scanning these codes with your smartphone you can re-experience the dikes.

mediaBunker has made it possible to read these stories on a mobile website for iPhone and Android. To achieve this mediaBunker has used the following web techniques; HTML5, CSS3 (with CSS transitions) and JavaScript. We used this to create a mobile webapp with the same look and feel as a native mobile application.

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