Jeff Meetings

An efficient and organised meeting tool
05 November 2011

About this project

Jeff Meetings is an iPad app which helps organizations make their meetings more efficient and organized. This app offers a very easy to use tool, to access and view all documents that are needed during a meeting. Trough a very intuitive interaction design you can also use a distinct agenda. Through this agenda, meetings can be accessed and can even be planned.

The so called 'new working style' is exactly where Jeff Meetings fits in. Employees are stimulated to work in a complete mobile way, thanks to this iPad tool build by mediaBunker. Documents and agenda's are accessed and kept in one central and digital database. This way they are completely flexible and can be added and adapted at any time. Documents can be linked to any particular meeting. The documents which are supported are: PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Keynote, Numbers and Pages. In combination with familiar apps, like Goodreader, Quick Office or Annotate, Jeff Meetings offers a very clever and able tool.

Because the app is super user friendly, there is no technical knowledge required. For the app to retrieve all the needed documents, a very specific and complex database has been build. Through Jeff Meetings any company gets access to it's own meetings database. This way there can be total interaction, between al the participating employees and the different planned meetings with their linked documents. In a short period of time a company can see it's efficiency go up and it's costs go down. Employees will enjoy going to a meeting, being totally prepared and completely ready.

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