Locals United. Dames en heren fashion dichtbij
7 January 2013
Locals United
Desktop, Facebook page

The story

Locals United unites small fashion stores who combine their collections in one central online platform. On this easy to use website all the small fashion stores are brought together. This brings great fashion variety, which results in a very large and unique collection. Visiting this original and independent platform will help the visitor find all their favorite brands and stores online in one place. Discovering the latest trends in fashion while getting the same personal attention and service from the physical stores.

The website contains a broad but simple product overview that is completely interactive. It gives the visitor the ability to search through all the products by using specifications. This way they can select a product on for example it's price range, size, brand and even it's color. The visitor can select and view each product, see it's details and even add it to their personal shopping list. But it's not just the overview that makes this website great, it's the entire experience that does it. The best example is the store finder, it maps all the connected fashion stores. Find the most nearby store. See, try, feel and fit their product collection and be certain of receiving good service and personal attention.

Behind the scenes

For Locals United we used a harmonised mix between HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node.JS and the Harbor framework.

The technical backend behind Locals United is a very specific and complex system, which supports an enormous database of products. Locals United brings back the passion and fun to the shopping of fashion, through the broad range of the internet.

Endless browsing

You can browse the products endlessly without having to navigate to different pages. Everything is set for you at one spot to browse.

Fully functional on Facebook

The entire design can be viewed as a Facebook page...

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