Ordering a fresh
pizza has become freakin’ simple
20 February 2014
New York Pizza
iOS & Android

As tasty as mobile gets

New York Pizza is the second largest take-out and delivery company in the Netherlands and Benelux area. With more than a 125 franchise businesses, New York Pizza delivers over 4 million pizza’s each year. New York Pizza is also leading in the field of healthy delivery food. There are choices for vegetarians and there is an option for a delicious, fully organic, Rustica pizza crust.

A fluid user experience

As mobile is becoming the main screen for anyone in a hurry, or really anyone for that matter, delivery pizza and apps is a marriage made in heaven. New York Pizza enables hungry users to get their pizza faster and better than any other delivery company. We did not just pick out the easy roads to build another average m-commerce app. The app had to be better than the mobile website, or existing e-commerce platform. That is why we did everything from scratch, creating a fluid native app experience, with everything at reach and no disappearing screens or cluttered navigation.

You can access all the great menu options with a swipe from the left, including pizza, pasta, salads and deserts. In the middle you have a main view, showing al the food visually. The total of your shopping cart always stays at the top and with a quick swipe from the right you get a complete overview of that. Giving you easy access to do a 1-click-order when you are already logged in. Pay by creditcard & iDeal or just at the door, with cash or debit card, no fooling around with difficult payments.

M-commerce at its best

The app checks where you are in the background and verifies your delivery address, we will only bother someone when a delivery address does not match or isn’t possible. Why would you want to fill in any postal code to start with?

The result is an enthusiastic welcome from loyal customers, leaving only 5star reviews. Not does the app only look great, but the ordering process is quicker and more painless than before, boosting conversion rates up to 30%.

Visuals & Iconography

At mediaBunker, we haven’t closed the bridge to Skeuomorphic (visuals that represents real-world objects), and we never will. We love how Skeuomorphic can tell the user instantly what the product or visual can be used for. Since Apple, released the iOS 7 and introduced a style that was 99,9% flat, we decided to take the best of both worlds for the client, and mix them together.

We've applied flat vibrant colours, so the user instantly recognize that this is a true iOS app, and used Skeuomorphic items like the texture of a pizza box or paper folds to tell the user what they are actually interacting with. Nothing has been overused and we actually dare you to find a Skeuomorphic item that is misplaced in the app.

The result is an intuitive app, with colorful icons and visuals, that represents the visual brand identity of New York Pizza. These are the kind of apps we are proud to produce and show the rest of the world.

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