Peugeot Experience

Capture the fun on video, right there.
10 February 2012

About this project

Peugeot has a very special and very secret experience in store for it's customers. Supported by an iPad app, created by mediaBunker, it gives even more.The Peugeot Experience is an iPad app, which adds an extra dimension to the remarkable Peugeot Experience.

At the end, the visitors who have undertaken this experience, will be given the opportunity to share this with the world. They will be able to use an iPad mounted on a wall with the Peugeot Experience App to share their opinion, in a short video message. Like a real photo booth there's a countdown to the start of their video take. The visitor can follow their take on screen, while the video is filmed through the front lens of the iPad.

The visitors will then record their own 20 second video, which can be stopped with the on screen stop button. After shooting the video, the visitor fills in his or her e-mail-address. Now the video will be uploaded to the Peugeot Experience Webportal. This is where all the video's can be played back and shared on several social media networks. The link to this web portal will be sent to the user's personal e-mail-address.

In return for shooting a funny video and as an extra service, Peugeot asks the visitors some questions about the experience. This gives Peugeot a good view on the costumer's opinion.

The goals

  • Increase customer brand experience by providing an extra service
  • Increase the brand relation by getting more intimate with the customer
  • Provide Peugeot with costumer insight information, through a multiple choice quiz
  • Peugeot gets more online exposure through social media