Drivers you can trust, in minutes, on demand.
31 July 2015

More than just Uber

As debates heat up between governments and digital platforms, trust and quality is more important than ever. Selms has been Amsterdam’s leading private driver and taxi service provider for years. Giving customers and businesses access to Selms’s own professional, legally licensed drivers and a privately owned fleet of luxury cars.

To maintain the excellent service, it is no surprise Selms came to us to create an outstanding digital solution for the years to come. Together we have created the user experience to match the brand. Giving people the chance to find drivers within minutes, on demand, with the reliability they know and trust.

A high-tech foundation
creates the perfect user experience

To enable Selms and it’s users with a great realtime experience, we engineered a completely new backend from scratch using the Node.JS framework. The apps connect with the backend using a persistent socket connection. What this means is that the server broadcasts streaming data without having every single device creating a new request.

Built for streaming data on an epic scale

This reduces server loads tremendously and together with an enterprise setup in the AWS cloud creates a scalability we only used to dream of. Every touchpoint can listen in after validation by the system and receive realtime information about a driver’s position, ETA and availability.

Whenever a driver is ready for a new job, the system will know immediately and any customer in the vicinity can drive with them right away. This does not only create a cool visual of drivers on the map around you, which is awesome, but gives an on demand experience that is easier than ever before. Just start the app, tap and a driver you can trust is coming to you.

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