WMF Service Tool

Wherever you are, keep track of your professional coffee machines
8 December 2011

About this project

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of maintenance and support on your business assets. To make life as a business owner or manager a little easier, together with WMF we created a nifty mobile service tool that helps out with keeping track of your professional WMF coffee machines.

If you are a WMF customer you can use the Business Service Tool app to login with your account and check all the information you could possibly need. The app shows all the customer's coffee machines in an overview from where you can access machine details. Here it is possible to check where the machine is located, when it had its last maintenance or when the next service is scheduled. It is also possible to lookup the user manual, the service contract or order service parts.

When a customer needs a new filter or cleaning product for a WMF coffee machine, it is possible to order it directly from within the app. The app already knows the customer and the customer's machines. So it will show the correct supplies if needed and any order will go directly to the customer's account manager. It's easy, quick and can be done anywhere!

In case there are still questions, there is an FAQ and a direct contact page which gives easy access with a click-to-call and click-to-email button to a customer's account manager or service engineer. There is no need to remember or note down any contact details, with the Business Service Tool you always have everything with you on the go.

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