Working with us


You have decided to let your concept come to life. But you are wondering how all this magic is going to happen? We don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Let us tell you everything about how mediaBunker makes it happen and how we work together with you, the client, to create the best experience on every device.

Scrum Agile development

mediaBunker works in a Scrum environment to create and deliver (high-end) products to clients and their customers. With mediaBunker, you don’t sit back and see what happens at the end of the deadline. You will be actively involved throughout the entire development process.

After the initial brief, the project team will come together for kick-off and create user stories from which features, issues and scopes will be established. This way you have a clear understanding of what is going to be developed at which point.

Using the Scrum working method means that the entire project will be divided into “issues” and so called “sprints” to develop those issues. A sprint will usually take one week and should have clear deliverables. At the end of a sprint, the product owners, scrum master and optional one of the developers, come together and discuss the results of the sprint. One of the great benefits of using this method is, that in a relative short period of time, you already get a clear impression of how the project is taking shape.

Our focus on agile development is one of our biggest strengths. If you want to change a requirement or feature, no matter what development stage you are in, this will always be possible while using Scrum opposed to using a more conservative Waterfall method.

Agile project management

In order to manage and track all activity in your project, mediaBunker uses JIRA Agile as their project management tool. JIRA Agile is versatile and provides a rich visual experience that is easy to use and clear to understand.

You can instantly interact with any of the project team members or see the progress of your project. With JIRA Agile you will have a clear overview of the hours spent at any given time. You can track sprints, issues and features, check feedback, find details about delays or speedups and monitor your total project budget.

The planning board

Track sprints & issues

A sprint — also known as an iteration — is a short (ideally one week) period in which the development team implements and delivers a discrete product increment, e.g. a working milestone version.

Before we get into development of the project, the issues that are needed to create the application will be divided into sprints and each sprint/issue will get a set amount of development hours. Together with our Scrum master you will decide how the hours will be spent. After setting up the project, you can track in great detail how the sprints and issues are being completed. Throughout the development process you have the possibility to discuss progress with the Scrum Master and adjust the hours accordingly, as you see fit.

After each sprint, you can see how the development went. If everything is still on track with the remaining hours and budget, if bugs occurred during the sprint and if it has an impact on the total project. Basically everything you want to know about the development is available through our various reports and you will have it on time. With mediaBunker there are no surprises in terms of extra costs or missed mile-stone deadlines during or after development. We make sure you are in control.

Prioritise with Kanban

During a project’s development process a bug can occur or an issue you might have found useful in the beginning, doesn’t feel quiet right at this stage of development. Through our Scrum Master you can prioritize each issue or bug in the backlog of your project. Does a bug from the previous sprint needs to be fixed in the current sprint? Just order it to the highest priority and our developers will deal with it accordingly.

Everything is done in-house

We have the best team for every (mobile) project. Our team consists of experts in mobile interface & graphics design, engineers in Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android, Blackberry) and the best HTML5 developers. We never use off or near shoring partners because we don’t believe this creates the teamwork and quality that we stand for.

An award winning interactive agency

mediaBunker is an interactive agency, with a passion for custom made applications since 2008. We think, design and develop intuitive solutions which are out of the ordinary. Where others stop, we like to take it a step further. We like to add value to businesses and organizations in a way they might have never thought of. We help our clients to pioneer the mobile & online field and keep track on what to do next.