Clever product solutions
that work.

The products

We love well thought and custom build projects. But there is no need to reinvent the wheel if it’s already there. That is why we provide the following product solutions.

City Guide app

A smart and offline usable city guide solution, providing iPhone and Android users with the best tourist experience. The city guide is fully customizable and integrates with any kind of back-end or API.

Events app

Keeping track of seminars, speakers and a busy networking schedule becomes easy with our events app for iPhone and Android.

Tablet Publishing Platform

Publish your magazine through the intuitive and easy to use CMS. It is user friendly and there is no technical knowledge required to publish a magazine in your company’s style. Want to make a magazine but don’t have the time or knowledge to design it yourself? No problem, because mediaBunker would be glad to design it for you. The platform provides 3 publishing flavors:

  • RSS feed magazine (Automatic Feed Content)
  • Offline rich media magazine (Content Management)
  • Online dynamic content magazine (Content Management)

Tablet Sales Tool

Neat possibilities with pictures, videos, and detailed descriptions, which manifest your products. Your complete product database accessed through the Sales Tool app, designed in your company’s look and feel. Fully customizable and integration with any kind of back-end or API.