Strategy & design


At the beginning of every project we think about what the end-user expects from a mobile experience with your brand or business. This is the key to any application's success. Wether it’s business-to-consumer or business-to-business. That’s why our designers and strategists love to turn a business upside down.

We love to pick your brain and look at business opportunities or pitfalls that do not yet exist. Through brainstorming and rapid mind-mapping we create focus and set out a path on which we can build. Creating the best possible concept and strategy that will help you move your business forward in the right direction.


When the concept is clear, the interface is not. That is why our usability specialists turn the concept into something people love to use. We prototype where every button and pixel needs to be until it is as perfect as humanly possible. If we aren’t sure, we provide user experience testing to see what works best.

With larger agile projects, such as an e-commerce project, we provide conversion optimization, A/B testing, funnel testing or heat-map testing. Whatever the needs are, we make sure to provide the best possible user experience.

Visual design

This is where everything comes into the mix. We take your company’s style guide, brand strategy, trends, platform choices, interaction designs, target group, visual expertise and mix it with a lot of feeling and creativity to create something beautiful. Because when something works it’s good, but when it looks stunning as well, it’s great.

From typography to iconography, our visual designers will make sure that your application looks as good as it performs and motivates users to come back for more.